Please contact James Hamilton or 646-406-5804

Sponsorship Levels

  □  Event Sponsor - $750   

         •Same as Major Sponsor with option of 16 tickets
         •Back or inside covers of Event Journal
         •Sponsorship Announced at the Event and in Video

  □   Major Sponsor - $500        

         •Same as Event Sponsor with option of 12 tickets 
         •Prominent page in Event Journal  and Event Video

  □   VIP Sponsor - $500       

         •Same as Friends with up to 10 tickets
         •Feature in Video

  □   Friend of San Lucas - $300

         •Option of up to 8 tickets or tax deductible donation
         •Page in Event Journal and listing in Facebook
         •Branding, signage and outreach opportunities at Event    

  □   Supporter - $200

         •Option of up to 4 tickets or tax deductible donation
         •Listing in the Event Journal
         •Branding, signage and outreach opportunities at Event

  □   Booster - $100

        •Option of up to 2 tickets and listing in Event Journal OR  full

          page journal ad with no tickets.


How to Donate Online

Click on this link.  

In the Donor Information Section in the Name Field

write "Taste of Guatemala NYC" and the Sponsorship Level

Sponsorships - Friends of San Lucas

See sponsorship levels below

Mailing a Donation

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Eagan, MN 55512 

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