Artesanias Nueva Vida is an independent organization

 founded by Maynor Hernandez Ajcalón to help young


 adolescents earn income to

 supplement their education.

 Artesanias Nueva Vida works

 with locally grown lumber to

 craft their products,including

 bowls, serving spoons,tea 

 spoons, salad serving utensils,

 picture frames and other

 specialty products. 

 The group was founded by two brothers who needed work to


 help them stay off the streets and focused on their school

 work.  They began to work with a few other young

 adolescents and decided to form a project focused on

 helping young adolescents facing the process of poverty.  The

 group consists of five members and have worked for the past

 four years with various adolescents

 who work outside the home to support

 their families, including young shoe

 shine boys who work in the local


 The name Artesaanias Nueva Vida

 means New Life Artists and

 symbolizes a new life for the members

 of the group.   

 In the spirit of Fr. Greg Schaffer, the

 Taste of Guatemala purchases these

 products at the prices set by the

 producers of the products.  

 Your purchase of these products

 help us help these young adolescents

 help themselves.  If you are interested

 in any of these products, please contract  

 Jamie Hamilton at

 or 646-406-5804.  

Artesanias Nueva Vida

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